Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I did it, I painted my bathroom floor...

I hate my old linoleum. Hate hate hate. I know it could be worse, I'm glad it's not since it goes through most of my house. I want to replace it, but I'm cheap and there are other things I would rather spend my $$ on. Like these minerals for my goats, but even those are way down the list.

So my ugly linoleum stays. Kind of...

I painted it. It was easy, and it looks aMAzing. At least I think so, and it's my bathroom so that's all that counts. :)

I can't attest to it's durability at the moment, it hasn't even been a week yet. But, it seems like it will hold up just fine. (Knock on wood)

A while back our bathroom flooded and destroyed the carpet in my daughter's room. We didn't have the money to replace it, so I painted the subfloor.
And I loved it.

It has held up really well, and was my inspiration for the linoleum.

I was nervous about how it would hold up, being paint on a slick surface, so I tackled our master bath first. I figure if it wears horribly and turns all nasty at least company won't see it. A fairly safe risk.
If all goes well over the next few months our kitchen is next!

Here's how it all went down,
I first washed the floor REALLY well. Get it all clean and let it dry completely.

Once that was done apply a coat of good primer. I used Kilz. Let that dry according to the directions.
 This is after one coat of primer. You should probably do 2, but I didn't have enough and I'm cheap. And maybe a little lazy...

Time to pick your base coat. Again, being cheap I used leftover paint from our bedroom and living room walls. I did 2 coats.
You could leave it plain like this, or you could get out your trusty painters tape and do something fun. The sky is the limit with this. Whatever you can imagine, you can do. You could get some stencils and do a cool design, or keep it simple. I chose stripes. I like stripes.
I followed the squares from the linoleum for my stripes. After you get the tape down make sure to go over the edges of it with your base color. This way if there is any paint leaking under the tape, it's your base color. Minimal touch ups.
Again I did 2 coats of my stripe color.

 Let that dry for 24 hours. Then apply a coat of polyurethane. I used a semi-gloss. After that is dry, give it a light sanding and apply another coat. Give it 24 hours and then enjoy your new floor.

I love it. I like the design of the old linoleum shows through. It's a pretty pattern when you don't have the original colors. 
I'm hoping to paint the cabinet in there soon, and then the walls. If anyone has any ideas on what to do with a yellow plastic tub, I'm open to suggestions. :)

On another note, I was able to find some time this past week to take my goats out for a hike. Here are a couple pictures from that jaunt, just for kicks.
 This one is my favorite.
Over-looking town. It was a really nice day for a little hike.

Happy days all!

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